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So, if you've visited us before, you might have noticed that things look a bit different now...


What Happened?

Long story short: the content management system we previously were using was no longer being developed. This lead to all kinds of security flaws and we got hit with some run-of-the-mill exploits that even got us Google-blocked for a bit. And so, we might as well update everything to modern browsing standards and security.


What's Going to Happen?

We'll be updating the main site over the next few weeks. Most stuff will be inaccessible (gallery, comics, etc.) until then, but the sub-sites are still up:
- KingdomCome (online comic)
- Paladin (online comic)
- Tic-Tac-Toe Joe (online comic)
- The Mages (online comic)
- Antagonist (free RPG)
- Psychoteers (online comic)
- Silva Mundus (online comic)
- Stick Monkey (online comic)
- Cognatio (Christian manga webring)
- OEL Christian Manga Reviews (what it says)
- Holychick (online c-co-comic... ?)

As you can see pretty much there hasn't been any recent updates because of, uh, life. But Mave is still keeping the dream alive! Be sure to check out KingdomCome for the latest.


Who Are You Guys Again?

We are 3 friends who one day encountered a suspiciously intelligent cat that had a cross-shaped marking on it's forehead...

Ok maybe not, but we did make Christian manga-styled comics and stories. Lots of random non-Christian and non-comics stuff too. Also our website has, like, no color. It's kinda our thing.


What now?

Well, expect to see stuff slowly get added back. As for updates on the comic themselves... Life has been pretty busy (I, myself, am now a full-time working mom) so don't expect much in that way anything soon (except maybe for Mave's projects). However, we hope you can find some enjoyment of the stuff we did in our golden years. God bless and thank you for your understanding.