Title: Home
Creator: mav
Genre: Slice of life/Spiritual/Shoujo
Rating: PG 13+ [censored swearing, subtle sexuality]

Home is a side story of the current KingdomCome webmanga I currently have running. It may not feel like it initially since these characters haven't appear in KingdomCome yet. XD This story stands pretty well alone though. The inspiration came from a random thought: "What would happen if a pastor's son refuses to believe?"

Wow, I took approximately a year to complete this?! Anyway, I'm happy to announce my first complete series, spanning only 5 chapters. ^^; I know some readers have commented that the last chapter was sort of a rush and I must admit so. I was trying my best to cram in everything towards the end. I will learn from this experience and hopefully, learn to arrange timelines a little better.

I loved developing the characters and am pretty pleased with the ending. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed composing this sidestory and look forward to seeing these characters in its mother manga, KCome. Thank you for reading this and giving me your valuable feedback!

Francis Miranda Pastor Mark

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